The power of the R's differential gene expression analysis packages, with no programming!

R-Peridot is a complete environment for differential gene expression analysis with RNASeq and Microarray data.

You just need to define your data, select what modules you want to use and specify some parameters.

R-Peridot will take care of the rest, efficiently parallelizing all the processing and saving the results for you!

Differencial expression with many different packages.

Our software analyzes the count reads data given by the user through the R packages DESeq, DESeq2, sSeq, EBSeq and edgeR.
Each one of these uses their own statistical methods to generate a table with a subset of the genes in the input data, which are differentially expressed.
For each of these packages three graphs are generated: a M.A. Plot, a Volcano Plot and an Histogram graph.

Post Analysis

After the differential expression analysis, R-Peridot can insersect the results from all the packages, creating a consensus list of differential expressed results.

It also creates Dendograms, Heatmaps, Boxplots and more!

Edit all of the modules and create yours.

R-Peridot modules are fully editable. You can modify their scripts and options or even create your own modules to help your analysis, all of that using the graphical user interface of the Modules Manager.

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R-Peridot is 100% free for non-commercial use.


This is an Open Source project. Check out our repositories: